My Work


Channelled Painting.

76cm x 76cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Frequency vibration of Love and Happiness in relationship.

The return of Mary Magdalene


85cm x 165cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas

Frequency vibration of Love, Compassion and Peace

66 Twin Flames Reunion

85cm x 85cm

Oil and acrylic on canvaes.

Frequency vibration and codes activating Twin Flame reunion.


30cm x 40 cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas board.

Frequency Vibration of visibility and communication with outer world.


Channelled Painting

80cm x 120cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Frequency vibration of Self-Love, Love embodiment.


The Warrior within

Channelled Painting

100cm x 100cm

Frequency Vibration of trauma healing and overcoming limiting believes.

The Healer

Channelled Painting (Channelled with Archangels Michael and Raphael)

100cm x 100 cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Frequency vibration of healing.

Healing of Self, also triggers healing abilities that we all have, yet me may not be aware of it.


Channelled Painting.

122cm x 153 cm.

Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Frequency vibration of stepping into your own highest potential. Strengt, healing and empowermrnt.



Channelled Painting.

122cm 153cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Frequency vibration of a change. As the title says: Everything is changing. Powerful healing, triggers all unheald parts and supports ascension.

Brings out full potential.



51cm x 76cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Frequency vibration of self acceptance, physical body integration and healing.


Channelled Painting

76cm x 76cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Frequency vibration of Inner Child healing, freedom of expression.



Channelled Painting

35cm x 60cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas,

Frequency vibration of Self-Worth and Confidence.



OVAL 350 x 450 mm acrylic on canvas, profesionaly framed, ready to hang.



Channelled Painting.

182cm x 122cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Frequency vibration of stepping into fullest potentiual. Itegration of all Soul's potentials, not only from this incarnation but from the previous ones too.



Channelled Painting.

60cm x 60cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Frequency vibration of Self- Acceptance, courage, creativity.



About Me



Dominika Reina - Is an award-winning international artist who creates powerful channelled - quantum (energy) healing portraits. Each painting is created while the artist is in a trance and allows Divine Energy to run through her onto the canvas.

Dominika is also an Energy Healer, Spiritual Coach that helps others with the awakening and ascension. In 2020 she successfuly finalised Dolores Cannon Academy and became the QHHT ( Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy ) Practitioner ( Past Life Regressionist ). She also created her own two hypnotherapy methods: Quantum Heart Therapy ( allows healing the childhood traumas as well as travel to past lives) and Future Progression Therapy ( allows clients to visit potential outcomes of their future). 

In June 2020 she started consciously channel multidimentional spirits, that until today are teaching her the laws of creating realities. All the knowledge as well as healing techniques that Dominika is learning from her Spirit Guides, during channelling, are being passed over to people during her public Zoom Calls. Zoom Calls are free, unless you wish you to donate any money as a gratitude for her time and commitment. Zoom Calls take place on Saturdays at 6pm UK time. As Dominika says, the knowledge she is passing on, does not belong to her, it belongs to humanity. Therfor she happily shares it with those who are interested. To join her Saturday Zoom calls, please send an email to to subscribe.

To follow her Spiritual Work please follow @PowerfulCreators on Facebook, @PowerfulCreatorsYouAre on YouTube

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Initially, I fell in love with painting when it became an outlet for my own emotions. It was amazing not to think and to just let all the feelings run through me and emerge onto a canvas. It was a very healing and purifying process for me and a very personal one too. I think The Main Artist wanted to show me that it was (and still is) the right path for me - to create paintings!

I became extraordinarily successful and fulfilled with joy seeing people finding their own stories in my art, it was a true blessing. After a while I noticed that the paintings I had created, in a very strange way, started to predict my own future. It was like I was painting my own life - my future life. At first, I was laughing and disbelieving the outcomes. I was putting that down to coincidence. Well, I know well enough now that there is no such thing as coincidence.

Over the past years the intensity of "manifested" paintings increased, and I became very curious of what IS ACTUALLY GOING ON? Wouldn't you? I started to study quantum physics; I have dived deep into spirituality. I started to WAKE UP. As I did, a new gift unfolded within me, I start to channel.

My Spirit Guides connected with me through my consciousness and started giving me all the answers. They explained to me that I would always enter each creative process with full trust and without allowing any thinking whatsoever. I would just step into the flow and allow the Divine Energy, the energy that we are all a part of, to become a part of this creation. So, it became a Divine Co-creation.

For months they have been teaching me the whole structure of creating realities, which we unconsciously do in every second of our life. However, the most surprising moment came when they asked me: “Dom, do you know what D.O.M. exactly means?” I said, “YES, I have chosen this artistic nickname when I was 19 and was just starting my journey with painting. I picked this because I knew people will think it is a shortcut from my name – Dominika, but to me it had a deeper meaning.” I was completely assured that D.O.M. (Deo Optimo Maximo) means that the gift I have comes from God and all I create goes back to him. I never even doubted it for a second. They said, “So please research exact meaning of Latin: Deon Optimo Maximo.” So, I did and it means The Greatest God. It was a beautiful confirmation of our Divine Co-creation. I feel blessed and extremely grateful to be able to create in such a beautiful and loving partnership and to serve you all with our creations. The last thing they said to me that day (and on many occasions after that) was “A POWERFUL CREATOR YOU ARE DOM”.





About Me



  • - Poznan Artist of the Year 2005 (Poland) Awarded by Theatre Viva in Poznan
  • - Society of Women Artists – The Caron Keating Memorial Award (UK) 2015 Awarded by HRH Princess Michael of Kent.
  • - The Contemporary Master 1st and 2nd place (USA) Awarded by Artavita Gallery 2015
  • - Special Recognition Award for Exceptional Contemporary Art, Awarded by L&S Gallery  (USA) 2016
  • - InCube Award -Most Promising Art Business Award (UK) 2015
  • - Most Creative International Artist 2019, 3rd annual Enterprise Award (UK) 2019
  • - Special Merit Award, awarded by L&S Gallery (USA) 2019
  • - 5th place in Best Contemporary Painting Artists, awarded by L&S Gallery (USA) 2019




    My first sight of 'Rebel' was at the Aberdeen Arts Fair earlier this month. It was displayed proudly on the stage alongside 'Icon' causing much comment and picture taking as they certainly had that 'Wow' factor and were a standout for me at the Fair. Even though I had not come across the Artist 'DOM' before, certainly her paintings left a big impression on me - especially 'Rebel', with its vibrant colours and great composition. After some research I decided to purchase a painting by this obviously talented Artist and after much deliberation finally settled on the piece that grabbed my attention at the start - 'Rebel' which was now being displayed by Enid Hutt Gallery in Aberdeen. I am an Art fan but by no means an expert, however, in my opinion D.O.M. will only go from strength to strength in the coming years and my investment could prove to be one of my best purchases ever. Having just met Dominika , as well as being a talented Artist , she is also a very interesting and genuinely nice person confirming what a good decision it was to own a 'DOM' .

    Andrew M.

  • "I first came across Dominika's work at the Parallax Art fair in Chelsea town hall, her bold, colourful paintings really stood out from the crowd. It was a spontaneous decision to want to own one. I think her spirited vision of the world is quite unique”.

    Mike W.

  • "Dominika's paintings instantly impress - they are full of passion & emotion using vibrant colours and bold themes - absolutely fantastic"

    Bob Davidson, Chief Exec' Renfrewshire Chamber

  • I took part in the amazing no filter photography project and then I saw the images that Dominika created of a couple of the woman that were also involved in this amazing adventure. The images had an immediate visceral experience for me with the way she had captured them and particularly the use of colour. It was an abstract feeling with the realism that you could tell who it was. I was So very excited that she agreed to paint my image as well. The result Amazed me. She had asked me what my favourite colour was and of course it’s red so that featured highly and it was my essence that she captured.  I Loved that she included a tiny bit of poetry that had deeply resonated with me as well. She hadn’t met me and from a photograph she had really got me. It is the smile and the look in the eyes. This painting hangs in my hall so it is one of the first things I see when I come in my home – this Goddess Smiling at me! If I feel a bit run down this Goddess reminds me of who I really am.  I am Delighted to own a True Original piece of art by this Incredibly talented, wonderful woman  - I adore her work and Love seeing what she is producing next. I Highly recommend her commissions to Anyone. 


  • I'm not a great fan of photos of myself, and would never put one up on the wall of my house. But when I got my portrait (birthday gift from my sister), I immediately fell in love with it. It now hangs proudly in my living room and always attracts interest, admiration and a little bit of jealousy of all of my guests.


  • We wanted a 21st birthday momento for our beautiful daughter that would last forever. We saw Dominika's work and thought it was amazing. She captured Maria perfectly. The wonderful portrait for our daughter's 21 St Birthday is the perfect blend of Maria's expression and Dominika's unique style.


  • I have been painted by Dominika on several occasions as part of multiple collections and have also purchased the first piece she painted of me, as I loved it so much. Dominika is a highly talented and professional artist, using the art of expression in all of her paintings to give them a realistic look. The colours used in her paintings bring out the emotion of each woman painted, giving each of them their own character. All that can be said about her creativity is that there is professionalism in every brush stroke and she shows her passion for feminine features and personality in every piece. I would describe her as one of the most inspirational artists I know of, as she has made her successes through nothing but talent and an awareness of expression and feeling.


  • Colourful, brave, interesting and heart-catching – these words do not only describe the paintings of Dominika Zurawska (the name behind Dom Art), but also herself as an artist. We had the immense pleasure of meeting Dominika in person while visiting her workshop in Scotland. The intention for the visit was to buy a painting for a wedding gift for our friends. But after seeing the artwork live and spending some time with Dominika – we decided to buy a painting for ourselves. And in this way we have become the proud owners of the very powerful and energetic “Joan of Arc”, which is a beautiful piece of art enlightening our home. We wish Dominika all the best in the future and recommend her art to all people who enjoy beauty.

    Truly grateful, Aleksandra and Michal

  • It's really good, loads of attitude and comes from the eyes in all your paintings. They work so well because when you look at them and make a connection through the eyes, the rest of painting can be a bit abstract and funky as your brain fills in the gaps and that makes it a personal connection.

    David M.

  • Her ocean deep eyes and weathered soft face convey steal resolve
    Heartache of recent memories, a life that should not, surely could not exist
    Yet faith remains, intact; willpower, wearily depleted, ready to carry on
    Through soft touch gripped tight, another numbing unforgiving day

    Her beauty, evident under scars their worlds inflicted
    A cross too hard to bear, but one still carried
    Repeating without pity, heaving heavily on a once pristine body
    Ruined and tarnished, a virgin temple crushed but not destroyed

    Her silent cry, a hollow voice echoes: her soul; her land; her faith
    “To have, not to hold”
    Forgiveness strengthens resolve, performing duty until set free
    Unselfishly rising, helping others who see no light, no future, no god.


  • "Exploring the spontaneity and drama of women in the world. The visual intensity and psychological drama in Dominika’s superb art captures the excitement and visceral mystique of the female silhouette. Her impassioned brushstrokes create a sensuous and unique artistic vision with a profound sensitivity and  owerful interplay of light - the emotional and physical experience of women."

    Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art


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