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D.O.M.  ( Deo Optimo Maximo )

I AM She.

I am the Divine Feminine, the Divine Creator, physical embodiment of the Sophia Christ Consciousness.

I do not create decorations for the walls, instead I create living holograms of the realities that are about to be birthed into this physical world.

Each painting is being created within a space where unconditional love meets the limitless possibilities, where the energy of the divine feminine surrenders to the divine masculine, and together they dance across my canvas.

I do not think, I do not analyse, I do not judge, I flow, I inhale and exhale the passion for creation and expansion, the love for LOVE.

This process is sacred, this journey is holy, and always brings the most unexpected results, when each hologram eventually manifests itself within my life.

Through my multidimensional art I also open portals into different Now timelines, where direct connection with beings like Hathor, Mary Magdalene or galactic families are possible.

There are truly no limits to what can be achieved through my creative process.

It creates realities, it heals, it connects, it breaks all the logical rules, and does not accept the word IMPOSSIBLE.

Within my Studio of Eternity All is POSSIBLE, all already IS.

The paintings as a living divine consciousness can communicate with you, guide you, move you into your highest potential timeline, all you need to do is TRUST.

Not everyone is ready to interact with my art, but those who are will be found and directed to my website, so they can experience the Divine Love and Magic.

All commissioned paintings already transformed many lives, by bringing healing and changes required for the soul to shift into higher paradigm.

The profetic portrait of singer Madonna, which found its way to the artist's private portrait collection in New York, also manifested itself within her personal life.

If my website has found You, if you feel the calling to open yourself up to the miraculous experience, here I AM.

To book your free 30 min video consultation please email me at: dominika@domart.co.uk

For more information on portrait commission, please go to the "Portrait Commission" section.

With all the Love I have for You,


About Me



  • - Poznan Artist of the Year 2005 (Poland) Awarded by Theatre Viva in Poznan
  • - Society of Women Artists – The Caron Keating Memorial Award (UK) 2015 Awarded by HRH Princess Michael of Kent.
  • - The Contemporary Master 1st and 2nd place (USA) Awarded by Artavita Gallery 2015
  • - Special Recognition Award for Exceptional Contemporary Art, Awarded by L&S Gallery  (USA) 2016
  • - InCube Award -Most Promising Art Business Award (UK) 2015
  • - Most Creative International Artist 2019, 3rd annual Enterprise Award (UK) 2019
  • - Special Merit Award, awarded by L&S Gallery (USA) 2019
  • - 5th place in Best Contemporary Painting Artists, awarded by L&S Gallery (USA) 2019



When I first heard about channelled portraits, that Dominika is creating, I must admit I felt a bit sceptic about the outcomes that the painting can create for the individual. However, I was so taken by her bold and expressive art that I decided to commission one for myself. Before Dominika started to work on my soul portrait, she kindly asked me about anything that I would like to heal within my life. I still did not have any expectation, but the conversation was genuinely nice, very loving, and gave me a lot of knowledge about myself. It was almost like a beautiful mini therapy session. When I received the painting, I have to say that I could not take my eyes off it for probably several hours. I was just gazing at it and I felt like the painting is gazing back at me. It is hard to describe the feeling you have when you look at your own soul’s portrait. The eternal YOU. Dominika always says that only our soul knows how limitless we are, and through her art she wants everyone to be able to step into their highest potential. She explained to me how the painting, which is the hologram, will be working for me, but I still had no expectations. When only within few weeks from receiving the portrait, big changes start to appear in my life, I felt like I was showered with the miracles. I phoned Dominika and I said that I was not expecting anything, especially so many beautiful and quick changes within such a short space of time. She kindly explained to me, that thanks to my lack of any expectations, it was easier for the energy withing the painting to manifest the changes for me. She said the energy she is working with is a pure unconditional love, therefore there must not be any conditions- like expectations. So powerful! I strongly recommend grabbing this amazing magical chance, to own your own soul’s portrait. Everyone deserves magic, we all are magical beings, and Dominika’s art is nothing like I experienced before. Truly Divine.



I have commissioned a portrait, as a surprise gift for my wife. During the initial consultation, Dominika tapped into her channelling abilities, and she said that she can see a gold and silver energy around my wife; she asked me if my wife has any healing abilities or if she is aware that she has got them. I replied that its news to me and that I never even thought about it.  She then asked me, if I would not mind if she implemented the energy, that she seen in her vision, into the painting. I trusted her completely and I gave her a full allowance to use her artistic and channelling abilities during the process. Now, when I look at Dominika’s paintings, including my wife's portrait, I noticed there is something special about the eyes, it's the way she is painting The Eyes. It is like the painting itself has a soul, like the soul lives within the painting. You just look at them and you feel hypnotised. My wife was so surprised and so happy to own her portrait done by Dominika, but I never told her about Dominika’s vision. Seven months from receiving the portrait, my wife suddenly started to learn reiki, and she found it very fascinating. It came to her very naturally, she was not forcing anything because she did not know about it, after that I decided to share with my wife the vision, that Dominika gave me before she started the portrait. She immediately contacted Dominika to share her reiki healing experiences with her. I can clearly say, Dominika’s art brought magic to our life.

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